Easier access to statistical experts

Akademistatistik at The Sahlgrenska Academy has, since 2012, been given a wider mission, and is now to be an expert resource for researchers and research units in the whole Region Västra Götaland. Having previously given brief consultations, we are now to work more as a research partner, says professor Max Petzold, who is the acting head of Akademistatistik.

More and more focus on research
The work will initially put a lot of focus on education, but later on, participation in various research projects is expected to become a larger part of the operations.
―Research projects no longer have to search for good statisticians like they did before, but can easily turn to us to find the right competence, says Max Petzold.

Close collaboration with Gothia Forum
Gothia Forum has a close collaboration with Akademistatistik, and is a way in for those who carry out clinical studies.  – We can offer help as early as in the planning phase, for example in deciding how many patients should be included for the results to be statistically assured. It is also important to be able to correctly assess whether the survey should be terminated early on ethical grounds because the new treatment has a detrimental or unexpectedly large positive effect. Another example is directory research, where statistical knowledge is needed to effectively handle and use the information available in various directories, says Kjell Pettersson, statistician at Gothia Forum and Akademistatistik.

A partner throughout the research project
Previously, statisticians connected to Akademistatstik were mainly called in for consultations when needed, during the course of the research project. To guarantee statistics management quality, efforts will be made to be there throughout as a research partner, from the planning stages, via gathering, handling, and storing of data, through to the final revision and analysis.

Various Research and Development centres, and also separate research groups in Region Västra Götaland will be able to turn to Akademistatistik, as well as researchers at other faculties at Gothenburg’s university or Chalmers. Private reserach units can also recieve support via Akademistatistik.


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