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Meeting point and resource for clinical research

Gothia Forum is a unit within Region Västra Götaland that aims to strengthen clinical research in Västra Götaland, and thereby contribute to better care and treatment of patients and to the regional and national growth in the Life Science area. Gothia Forum’s vision is to make Västra Götaland the most attractive region for high-quality clinical research in Europe.

Gothia Forum serves as a meeting point and resource for researchers as well as small and large companies in the Life Science sector in Västra Götaland. We provide an infrastructure to improve collaboration between academia, healthcare, and industry to strengthen clinical research, both in terms of quality and quantity. 

Connected to Gothia Forum is an Advisory Board with representatives from academia, healthcare, and industry. They ensure that our organization is driven by the needs of today as well as of tomorrow.

Point of contact

Gothia Forum has, besides our own resources, a wide network and serves as a contact point for anyone seeking clinical research resources or specialist expertise in Region Västra Götaland.
Individual researchers and research groups as well as small and large companies in the Life Science sector are welcome to get in contact with us.

Regional node in a national system

Gothia Forum has been tasked by Region Västra Götaland to work as a regional node for Sweden’s western healthcare region. This entails supporting clinical research in Västra Götaland and the northern part of Region Halland.

As a regional node, we are part of Clinical Studies Sweden (Kliniska Studier Sverige), which is a collaboration between Sweden’s six healthcare regions, funded and supported by the Swedish Research Council. In addition to the six regional nodes, the system consists of the Committee for Clinical Studies and a unit for clinical studies at the Swedish Research Council. Read more at (in English) >>