Collaborative Ecosystem

Collaborative Ecosystem

This is your gateway to the ecosystem of clinical research resources in the region of Västra Götaland , which is one of the twenty fastest-growing European regions. Both traditional industries and new research and technology sectors enjoy a strong position here – not the least because of the frequent collaboration between them. 

Nested Applications

Ecosystem actors

AZ BioVentureHub

The BioVentureHub at AstraZeneca's research centre in Mölndal is a unique initiative to develop life science research and enterprise in Västra Götaland. Through collaboration between the public and private sectors, the BioVentureHub acts as an incubator for pharmaceutical and medical research companies. The initiative allows smaller companies to access AstraZeneca's laboratories and other research resources in collaboration with strategic partners like Gothia Forum and SP.  
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Business Region Göteborg

strengthens the life sciences industry by creating arenas and networks where research and companies can meet. They mediate contacts and support investors and companies that are interested in establishing or expanding their operations here. 
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Centre of Registers Västra Götaland

Centre of Registers Västra Götaland is one of several centres of registers in Sweden that support the development of national quality registers. The registers are used to improve health care. It is the representatives for the different registers who decide which centre of registers they will be affiliated to. Around 25 quality registers are affiliated to the Centre of Registers Västra Götaland and utilise our services. »

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Chalmers University of Technology

is a highly progressive university situated in Gothenburg, Sweden. Life Science is one of their areas of advance. They study fundamentals and provide engineering solutions to the Life Science sector, including health care, the food industry, and the biotech industry. In strong competition, Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg has been appointed by the European Union to lead research on the new super-material graphene and therefore established a Graphene Center.
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Healthcare Region Västra Götaland

Important tasks for Region Västra Götaland are to promote good health for all its inhabitants and to ensure good healthcare. Some 45,000  employees work in healthcare at hospitals, healthcare centres and dental care centres. This makes Region Västra Götaland one of the biggest employers in Sweden. Region Västra Götaland operates 17 hospitals, 121 healthcare centres and 170 public dental care centres.
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MedTech West

is a network and collaborative platform for research, education, development and evaluation of new biomedical concepts and technologies. They initiate, facilitate and promote increased research collaboration between the health care sector, industry and academia. Their focus is on addressing actual clinical needs in collaboration with relevant clinical staff.
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Prehospital ICT Arena

is a neutral, open arena for research and innovation in prehospital medical care. Healthcare services, industry and academy are collaborating to enable IT and eHealth to be used in the best possible manner in, for example, ambulance medical care.
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Nested Applications

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Sahlgrenska Academy 

is the medical faculty at University of Gothenburg. They conduct research and education in medicine, odontology and healthcare science. Top researchers, among them a Nobel Prize laureate, and young students come together under one roof always in close contact with real-world healthcare. In many fields, research at Sahlgrenska Academy is of the highest international class. Examples include pharmacology, obesity, children’s health, odontology and cardiovascular disease.
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Sahlgrenska Science Park

helps entrepreneurs and innovators to get the best possible start for promising life science business ideas. They help new companies to emerge and they create the right conditions for established companies to develop and grow more rapidly.
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Sahlgrenska University Hospital (SU)

is the largest hospital in Northern Europe and  is the country´s centre for certain specialised care, especially in pediatrics, incubator care for premature babies, as well as the treatment in pediatric endocrinology. SU is also well known for its successful transplant activity, treatment of cardio-vascular diseases, immunology as well as research into vaccines. Sahlgrenska University Hospital collaborates closely with the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg.
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Smart Textiles Design Lab

The Smart Textiles Design Lab at the University of Borås assists researchers and industry in developing exciting innovations such as clothing that measures heart rate, knitted metal blood vessels that reduce scar formation and socks that measure runner's steps to improve their running technique. 
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The RISE institutes Innventia, SP, and Swedish ICT have merged in order to become a stronger research and innovation partner. Through their international collaboration programmes with academia, industry, and the public sector, they ensure the competitiveness of the Swedish business community on an international level and contribute to a sustainable society. WIth 2,200 employees they support and promote all manner of innovative processes, and their roughly 100 testbeds and demonstration facilities are instrumental in developing the future-proofing of products, technologies, and services. RISE Research Institutes of Sweden is fully owned by the Swedish state.
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Visual Arena Research

strengthens, gathers and develops research and teaching in visualization at Chalmers, University of Gothenburg, and Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The main task is to create value for academia by linking research and existing and future physical arenas, help different partners to find the right skills in visualization, and to communicate research results from the visualization area.
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