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What is Gothia Forum?

Gothia Forum is a research collaboration which is meant to:

  • give the patients a better healthcare
  • contribute towards regional development

We do this by:

  • making the Västra Götaland region more attractive for clinical research
  • generating income and financiers for clinical research
Why has Gothia Forum been formed?

Gothia Forum has been formed to simplify and improve the existing collaboration in clinical research between the Västra Götaland region's healthcare, academia and industry. It should be easy to start a clinical research collaboration in Västra Götaland.

What is clinical research?

It is research that needs the healthcare system's resources, and that leads to healthcare development.


How is Västra Götaland currently faring in comparison to Europe, in terms of clinical research?

The Västra Götaland region is the region/county council with the highest number of clinical studies in Sweden.


Do researchers have to contact Gothia Forum if they are to carry out a clinical study?

No, Gothia Forum is a voluntary resource. Those that already have a working collaboration or a way in can use that, but using Gothia Forum will be advantageous. It should be easy, and give an overview. (Helicopter perspective.)

Does industry have to go via Gothia Forum to be allowed to carry out a clinical study at a hospital in VGR?

No, Gothia Forum is a voluntary resource. But it will be easier to go via Gothia Forum for researchers from the industry who don't have a working contact.

What are the advantages for industry of going via Gothia Forum?

Gothia Forum knows what research is going on, and can inform on whether or not the study or similar that the industry wants to do can be carried out; if there is sufficient patient data, etc.

Is there a cost for using Gothia Forum's services

Contacts, information and advice is free. Should you want help with carrying out a study, using databases or CTC's (Clinical Trial Centre) resources, you'd have to pay.