Health economics

The health economics* function within the Research Support Office (RSO) provides advice, project management, and practical support in performing health economic evaluations. In addition, we can provide input on which health economic aspects of your research may be relevant to include in applications for research funding. We can also offer advice and support during the planning of clinical studies to ensure that, e.g., sufficient data is collected to be able to make health-economic calculations at a later stage.

Health economic evaluation

On a contract basis, we can carry out health economic evaluations such as cost analyses, budget impact analyses, and model studies for cost-effectiveness/cost-effectiveness analyses. We can , for example, evaluate the health economic potential of innovations (including medical devices) within the healthcare system. An example of the latter is a project that was about evaluating the health economic potential of a new method for diagnosing breast cancer, more specifically so-called triple negative breast cancer, where the results of the evaluation indicated that the new method had a large health economic potential.

Register studies

We also offer advice and can conduct health economic evaluations that use information from registers (based on, e.g., diagnosis or drug consumption) to answer your research questions. We compile the results of the health economic register study in a report. Examples of types of health economic research questions that can be answered in register studies include, “What are the different costs for treating patients with a particular disease in clinical practice” or “What is the socio-economic cost of treating with a particular measure compared to another measure”. To read more about our general offerings around register studies, click on the tab “Register studies” in the left panel.


*Health economics is an area within economics, in which health and medical care is analyzed by means of commonly used economic theories and empirics, or with methods specifically developed for the area. Health economic evaluations aim to evaluate the costs and effects associated with resource use in healthcare. These evaluations are used as an important support for decisions regarding the prioritization of alternative treatments and other broader healthcare programs.

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