Diabetes study conducted in collaboration with Gothia Forum, published in BMJ

A new combination of drugs has shown good results in lowering blood sugar levels, reducing body weight and lowering treatment doses of insuline in hard-to-treat type-2 diabetes. These are the results from two Swedish studies published simultaneously in The New England Journal of Medicine and The British Medical Journal. One of the studies involved a total of 14 Swedish clinics, one being Clinical Trial Center (CTC) at Gothia Forum.

The study reveals that a new combination of drugs can help lowering the blood sugar levels, reduce body weight as well as make it possible to lower the insuline doses in individuals with hard-to-treat type 2-diabetes.  

In a randomized placebo controlled study researchers have investigated the effects of adding blood sugar lowering drug liraglutid to current insulin treatment. The results show significant decrease in long time blood sugar levels (HbA1c, measuring blood sugar levels over the last three months) in test subjects receiving the active drug. The Liraglutid study includes 124 subjects diagnosed with type 2-diabetes who are overweight and whose blood sugar levels are elevated despite treatment with basal- and bolus insulin.

– Marcus Lind at  Sahlgrenska Academy is responsible for the research study and states that the findings are good news for people suffering from type 2-diabetes, seeing as the long term complications due to elevated blood sugar levels are well known.

Article Liraglutide in individuals with type 2 diabetes treated with multiple daily insulin injections (MDI Liraglutide trial) – a randomised clinical trial published in The British Medical Journal on the 28:th of october. 

Source: Sahlgrenska Academy