Gothenburg researcher receives a total of 90 million for clinical therapy research

Half of the funds within the call for the clinical therapy research is given this year to researchers in Gothenburg. Goran Dellgren, Ann Hellström and Torsten Olbers are the main applicant for large projects which will receive 30 million each from the call. On January 20, a new call period will open for funding from the Swedish Research Council within the same area.

Through Grants Office at Gothia Forum, researchers can get support for this type of larger applications. Göran Dellgren, Associate Professor of Thoracic Surgery, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, is one of those who came to Gothia Forum for support.

The study involves evaluating left ventricular pump as a permanent treatment for severe heart failure. Patients with severe heart failure will be included in the study for two years.

- It has been a long application process that lasted for more than two years, with many people involved. The study is done in collaboration with the seven university hospitals in Sweden. I turned to Gothia Forum for help to sharpen the application, says Göran Dellgren.

Grants Office offers advice both with applications and ongoing projects as well as in finding appropriate partners.

- The help we have gotten from employees Gothia Forum has been very helpful. They read, reviewed and developed the application. We worked closely with Louise de Verdier who was also the "co-administrator" in the second round of the application process. She has made a big difference through her experience and advice, and by adding energy to the project.

Projects for patient benefit 
All the applications Research Council have awarded funds are projects of broad national collaboration and of the highest clinical relevancy. They cover a range of medical disciplines, ranging from cardiology to psychiatry. Here you can take see all the approved projects in 2015 »

- The purpose of the investment in clinical therapy research is to support projects in the health care that we expect will lead to patient and society benefits in a relatively short period of time, says Mats Ulfendahl, Secretary general of Medicine and health, Swedish Research Council. 

New call in 2016 
On January 20, a new call period will open to seek funds in clinical therapy research. At the Council's website, you can read more.