Gothia Forum - Now a unifying name for several research resources

Gothia Forum is, since April this year, a unifying name for several research resources and now consists of four sections: Research Support Office, Sahlgrenska Biobank, Clinical Trial Center and Primary Care Trial Center.

Gothia Forum will be able to offer better support to researchers and companies through the entire research process from idea to implementation, testing and monitoring. The development of Primary Care Trial Center will further enable conducting clinical trials in primary care.

Through this coordination Gothia Forum can offer a powerful regional platform for clinical research and Life Science. The organisation will also be better equipped to contribute to national collaboration within clinical research.

- We want to create value for our customers by offering a clear and more coherent portal to clinical research in Region Västra Götaland, says Kaj Stenlöf, Operations Manager for Gothia Forum.

The Gothia Forum website will be updated with more information.