Gothia Forum offers a specialized unit for clinical research in primary care

Since 2014 Gothia Forum offers a specialized unit conducting clinical research in primary care called Primary care Trial Center (PTC), located in Västra Frölunda. Another clinic is planned to open in Skövde by the end of the year, offering research support to primary care clinics in the surrounding area of Skaraborg.

Margareta SandbergEver since the founding of Gothia Forum, inquiries have been made regarding research studies suitable for primary care. The model Primary care Trial Center (PTC) was established in the fall of 2014, a specialized research unit conducting clinical studies in close collaboration with primary care facilities. The model is meant to spread throughout the region based on needs.

- It makes us happy, that by collaborating with primary care units, we are able to offer the industry a point of entry for conducting trials in the primary care field. We have access to medical records and databases of affiliated primary care units, making it possible to provide accurate feasibilities in less than one day, says Margareta Sandberg, head of PTC.

PTC offers skills development for the personnel of affiliated primary care units, such as GCP-training and the possibility for nurses and doctors to work as research staff at PTC for periods of time. This has been embraced by personnel from primary health care center Närhälsan Frölunda.

- The wonderful cooperation with PTC has been an important feature in raising the status of Frölunda Vårdcentral and putting it back on its feet. By being able to offer the patients a possibility to participate in clinical research and thereby acquire better knowledges regarding their illnesses, this gives us an advantage in competing with other primary care units. Also my associates get the opportunity to increase their competence says Christer Rosenberg, head of primary health care center Närhälsan Frölunda .

PTC currently works in close collaboration with primary care units in Frölunda, Askim, Högsbo, Hindås and Landvetter. The focus is on sponsor initiated trials to complement the primary care’s own support for academic research. Seeing as several primary care units are affiliated with the PTC-clinic there is a greater chance of increasing the quality of studies in terms of participating patients. Also the sponsor can optimize its resources regarding monitoring.

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