NRI Innovation Network's workshop

The workshop will focus on hospital and industry cooperation and testbeds - more specifically on the success of innovation projects: How to implement innovations and ensure acceptance from the future users.

The workshop is a collaboration between Gothia Forum, eHealth department - Region Västra Götaland, IT University Gothenburg, NRI Innovation Network and ScanBalt. The cross Nordic/Baltic perspectives will build on the synergies of different Baltic and Nordic projects and initiatives that all focus on promoting the region as a prime location for testing and development of Health Care products and services.

The ongoing discussions will be based on the presentations, and will also enable the attendees to raise their local problems and success stories. The workshop will give you inspiration and give you input to what tools could be relevant to ensure a successful implementation of your local projects.

Date: November 3, 2015

Price for participation:
Early bird fee (before September 1st 2015): € 100,-
After September 1st 2015: € 125,-

Please register by sending an email to: 
Jesper Bredmose Simonsen, or
Kirstine Rasmussen,

In the email, please include: name, organization and address. In addition, please add, if you are from a public organization (if so, note the EAN number) or a private organization (in which case, you will receive an invoice).

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