Research studies show promising results for people suffering from cerebral fatigue and narcolepsy

Arvid Carlsson and his research team at Sahlgrenska Academy have seen promising results in several research studies regarding cerebral fatigue and narcolepsy.  A follow-up study is presently being conducted at the Clinical Trial center , CTC, at Gothia Forum. The research team recently started testing the drug on young people suffering from narcolepsy as a consequence of H1N1, the vaccine against pandemic flu.

Arvid Carlsson

- The pieces came together very well when comparing the causes of narcolepsy with the effects of our study drug. We concluded that the drug also ought to have an effect on narcolepsy and after having tested on three people this seems to be the case, says Arvid Carlsson.

Cerebral fatigue, sometimes called mental fatigue, is a common condition in people suffering from stroke or head trauma. The same condition applies to people with narcolepsy. The salvation could be a new drug containing OSU 6162, a molecule regulating and stabilizing a neurotransmitter agent of the brain, dopamine.

The findings are built on research in which Arvid participated already back in the 1950’s at the ”National Institutes of Health” in the USA. Neurotransmitter Dopamine was unknown at the time but turned out to have great part in the developing of Parkinsons disease, a discovery granting Arvid Carlsson the Nobelprice in the year 2000.

Interview in Swedish Radio (SR)

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Text: Åsa Särlvik
Foto: Johan Wingborg