Health economic study shows that spouses of stroke survivors face lingering health issues

Josefine Persson, Health Economist at Gothia Forum and doctoral student at the Sahlgrenska Academy, along with the research team “The Sahlgrenska Academy Study on Ischemic Stroke” (SAHLSIS) mapped the self-perceived health of stroke survivors' spouses. The study shows that quality of life can be affected in nearly a decade

Josefine PerssonThe study has been recognized by, among others, the American Heart and Stroke Association and the study was published in the leading scientific journal Stroke on August 20.

- It is great to see that health economic studies are becoming more common and receive more attention since the results can help make decisions about the allocation of society's resources in general and how healthcare organisations can use their limited resources in an optimal way, says Josefine Persson.

According to the study caregiver spouses experience a lower quality of life even seven years after onset. Caregivers' quality of life was most adversely affected by their spouses' level of disability, cognitive difficulties and depressive symptoms.

"It is known that spouses of older stroke patients experience health-related physical and mental issues, and that the degree of their problems is associated with the severity of the stroke, but ours is the first long-term study of seven years follow up to explore this in a younger group of people," says Josefine Persson.

The findings of this study suggest the importance for long-lasting, target societal support to the spouses to prevent or reduce the burden, perceived stress and strain which might contribute to health benefits, strength to fulfil goals in work and education reduced risk of disease.

. - It is important for the community to provide support to prevent or reduce the burden on spouses. Our results also show that spouses often live unhealthily which makes a contribution to society could also aim to encourage a more healthy lifestyle.

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