Register-based research

Register-based research

Research based on data from one or more existing registers available at national public agencies or other organizations can be defined as register-based research. Data in registers have already been collected, often for other purposes than research (e.g., as part of national public agencies’ activities). By linking data from different registers, register-based research can be both more cost-effective as well as enable faster analysis of the research question(s) than other research methods. It is also possible to link your own clinical research to different registers for, e.g., long-term follow-up. Another possibility is to use registers for randomization of patients and collection of study data, as part of a so-called register-based randomized clinical trial (R-RCT).

We offer advice on the opportunity to use existing registers in clinical research. We offer practical support throughout the entire process of register-based research. For example, on a contract basis we can support the study from start to finish; from advising you on which registers may be suitable for your research to helping you with everything from the ethics application, an eventual application to the Swedish Medical Products Agency, and with the application process to each register holder. We also offer support for individual tasks or parts of the process. 

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