Clinical Trial Centers

Gothia Forum has three clinical trial centers within the organization; Clinical Trial Center (CTC), Primary Care Trial Center (PTC) and Pediatric Clinical Trial Center (PCRC). They conduct clinical trials in both for outpatient and inpatient. The trial centers act as a resource for all clinics within Region Västra Götaland  who need eg research staff or patient beds.

Gothia Forum also has a large network of other trial centers in Region Västra Götaland.

Need help with feasibility?

We offer contacts within the whole region for feasibilities and site selection, both in specialist and primary care. Send your request to


Christer Söderström
Clinical Trial Center
+46 700 825090


Margareta Sandberg
Primary care Trial Center
+46 702 003625


Jenny Kindblom
Pediatric Clinical Research Center
+46 700 207860