Well-established and shared infrastructure between industry, academia and the health care system - combined with the availability of a well-educated workforce - creates a fantastic environment for small and large companies interested in making West Sweden a destination for life sciences research and development.


Tissue Laboratory at Sahlgrenska University Hospital
GMP-certified cell culture facility for transplantations.
Stem Cell Laboratory at the Department of Clinical Immunology and Transfusion Medicine
Accredited to utilize, process, freeze and store stem cells for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. 
Stem Cell Biobank at The Queen Silvia’s Hospital for Children
Accredited by IVO and JACIE, and well known in the rest of the world.
Transplant Institute at Sahlgrenska University Hospital
Offers a full programme of organ transplants and is behind a number of pioneering transplantations like the first mother-to-daughter womb transplant.
Sahlgrenska Biobank
Coordinates the collection, handling and storage of biobank samples. 
3D Bioprinting Center at Chalmers University of Technology
Prints cells and tissues needed for research, drug screening and tissue engineering. Evaluates biocompatible biomaterials, or bioinks, for 3D bioprinting with living cells.
Gothia Forum
Serves as a point-of-contact for clinical trials and research in West Sweden.
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden 
Offers advanced research facilities and services within regenerative medicine.
BIOMATCELL VINN Excellence Center of Biomaterials and Cell Therapy
National center for the research and development of the next generations of biomaterial-based medical devices.